This week, in the final installment of our Meditation Monday devotions for 2023, Heather explains why Christmas is an appropriate time to be finishing this series.

“Biblically speaking, there are 400 years of silence between the book of Malachi, which closes out the prophetic ministry of the Old Testament, and the words the angel spoke to Zachariah, who would be the father of John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus. Christmas is a reminder of the fulfillment of all the promises that happened despite that 400 years of silence.”

Though we now have the benefit of seeing God’s faithfulness on the other side of those 400 years of silence, it is challenging–often exasperatingly so–to have to wait on the fulfillment of God’s promises in real time. How do we maintain our faith in the midst of deafening silence? How do we keep following God when it’s not clear where he’s leading us?

Heather continues: “In the first chapter of John’s Gospel, when the disciples are approached by Jesus, they say to him, ‘Rabbi, where are we going?’ Come, he replies, and you will see. I think of this often. Even the disciples who walked with Jesus in the flesh often didn't know where they were going. Apparently, that is what it means to follow Jesus.”

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